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By engaging high quality prospective students Ve helped MMU to drive more Open Day registrations and overall attendance.


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About MMU...

With a history dating back 150 years, Manchester Metropolitan University is one of the most applied-to establishments in the UK, with a current student population of over 36,000 and over 58,000 undergraduate applications in 2015.

Ve’s experience helping a broad range of education sector clients, as well as comprehensive knowledge of the industry, provided a solid foundation for building a successful strategy. This combined data-driven programmatic advertising, email remarketing and the Digital Assistant, along with intelligent campaign management.

The two main challenges for MMU were firstly, to reach students who might be interested in coming to an Open Day, and then to encourage them to register to attend onsite. But with hundreds of thousands of students researching their higher learning futures online, and over a hundred universities fighting to get students’ attention; these were not simple challenges.

With Ve’s programmatic technology solution and intuitive campaign management, we were successfully able to reach and engage the prospective students that were most likely to be interested in attending one of our Open Days. The results completely exceeded our expectations.”

Driving online registration

Using Ve’s data-driven digital advertising solution, prospecting and retargeting campaigns were created to boost registration. Ve’s trading team configured a sophisticated programmatic strategy, targeting specific placements relevant to prospective students.The intelligent targeting was based on demographic and behavioural data of current students and previous Open Day registrants. Ve also used personalised retargeting ads and email remarketing to re-engage online users who had shown interest before abandoning the MMU registration page.


Increasing engagement

To support the display campaigns and tackle abandonment rates, Ve deployed bespoke onsite messaging layers on the Open Day page URL. This personalised engagement at the very moment of user abandonment, informed by Ve’s unparalleled data processing ability, successfully kept more students onsite and encouraged them to register.

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