Optimise marketing spend with Connected Experiences.

A patent-pending customer engagement technology,
connecting marketing channels to your website.

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Make the most of your advertising spend.

Create relevant and connected, cross-channel engagements for every customer.

post-click and post-view
Connected Experiences infinite loop
post-click and post-view


Identify new audience groups and target them with highly relevant prospecting ads.



Transfer your prospecting campaign data to the onsite experience with Digital Assistant.



Drive customers back with personalised ads based on their onsite behaviour.



Transfer your retargeting campaign data to the onsite experience with Digital Assistant.

A high street home electronics retailer


Increase in conversion rate for ads traffic that saw Digital Assistant vs traffic that didn’t.

An online audio equipment retailer


Higher return on ad spend (ROAS) vs comparable campaign.

A high street clothing and accessories retailer


Increase in page views for ads traffic that saw Digital Assistant vs traffic that didn’t.

Make the most of your marketing budget.

Keep the conversation going

Add a sequential, onsite touchpoint to your advertising and email campaigns.

Optimise your sales funnel

Support your customers from discovery through to purchase.

Keep customers on your website

Deliver engagements that reduce bounce rate and website abandonment.

Leverage your customer data

Target new & returning customers based on their previous actions.

Create & connect key touch-points in every journey.

Get your marketing channels talking to Digital Assistant.

Connected Experiences

Get more from your campaign data.

Reduce marketing wastage

Recycle your audience data into an onsite extension of the campaign via our Digital Assistant.

Deliver cross-channel engagements

Sequence your campaign messaging from offsite to onsite to make a lasting impression with your customers.

Achieve higher conversion rate, at lower cost

Connect your marketing channels to your website and boost the performance metrics you care about the most.

Re-engage post-view traffic

Identify post-view traffic in real-time and respond with relevant engagements that align with your campaign.

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