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A home garden retailer


Increase in open rate compared to pre-GDPR

A high street fashion retailer


Increase in click-through rate compared to pre-GDPR

A high street footwear retailer


Increase in conversion rate in email compared to pre-GDPR

How to:

Recapture lost sales

Send product reminders

Remind your customers about the products they left in their basket.

Offer exclusive discounts and promotions

Send unique and targeted content to customers who abandon your website.

Deliver cross-channel engagements

Sequence your email and web-push notifications in a single, integrated campaign.

Discover what works best

Split test your campaign content to discover what resonates best with your customers.

How to:

Grow your brand

Add a personal touch

Personalise your campaigns with relevant content to make a lasting impression with your customers.

Connect the dots

Pair web-push notifications with your emails to give customers that extra nudge back to your website.

Keep the conversation going

Keep in touch with customers with personalised, post-sale recommendations and reminders.

Deliver your message in style

Align your Remarketing campaigns with your brand identity and marketing calendar.

How to:

Put your customers first

Provide choice and build trust

Give customers the choice to share their data in exchange for relevantly personalised marketing content.

Seamless collection of consent

Make giving or withdrawing consent clear, easy and non-disruptive with our user friendly solutions.

Create a truly compliant experience

Ensure messages are sent only to customers who have given your brand explicit consent to do so.

Ensure full transparency

Provide a complete audit trail with historical consent logs and proof of consent.

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