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To drive brand awareness of Bauer Media’s radio station, NRJ Sweden, Ve implemented its digital advertising video solution.


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About Bauer Media

Founded in 1875, Bauer Media Group is now Europe’s largest privately-owned media group, operating in 19 countries with around 11,000 employees worldwide. Headquartered in Germany since its foundation, its portfolio consists of 600 magazines and over 400 digital products, as well as 50 stations including NRJ which broadcasts in several countries around the world.

NRJ Sweden wanted to boost brand awareness and ultimately increase listenership to their station; a challenge given the competitiveness of the industry. In addition to this, NRJ were launching a new morning show with new hosts, so there was no pre-existing fan base to rely on.

Radio listening on our FM Stations increased by 35% over the campaign periods for us, these activities have turned the campaign into a proper business case with pure ROI. Whenever we lack sellable inventory, we now know that we can boost our listenership with online video.


To achieve this, intelligent video advertising was implemented, serving NRJ’s video ads to a highly-targeted audience and gaining great results in a medium that can be difficult to report and measure.

Drive awareness to increase listenership

Video advertising is a highly effective channel to boost brand awareness, but the targeting and delivery of this is crucial to its success. To achieve this, Ve’s programmatic advertising video solution was set up, utilising its exclusive indepth user data. This allowed Ve to deliver ads based on content and affinity targeting, ensuring NRJ’s ads were served to the most relevant and interested audience. Proving this precise targeting, the ads received a click-through rate of 1.35% – far exceeding the typical benchmark set at 1%. In addition, the ads also enjoyed a completion rate of 75%.

The ads were both pre-roll and in-app, and served across device to reach users at every stage of their journey. A frequency cap of 2+ was implemented however, to ensure the ads were not served to each individual user too often, and so protecting brand image. Combining this tech with industry expertise, during the campaign Ve’s digital advertising video solution drove an overall 35% increase in NRJ’s listenership.

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