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Implementing Digital Assistant and email remarketing helped Cruise Guru create a seamless user experience and boost direct bookings.


Revenue recovered with Ve over 9 months


Click to conversion rate from Digital Assistant


Open to conversion rate from email remarketing

About Cruise Guru

With over 17,000 experiences bookable online 24/7, Cruise Guru is one of the leading online cruise travel agencies in Australia. The brand has a collective 35+ years of cruising expertise and holds the firm belief that cruising is more than just a product, it’s an experience.

With extensive knowledge of the travel industry and the often multifaceted user path to such a high consideration purchase, Ve was best-placed to help Cruise Guru get the most from their martech strategies.

The world of cruise booking is extremely competitive, with travel agencies and specialist cruise agencies competing to stand out. Cruise Guru wanted to assert themselves as the leading brand within the industry, increase engagement and drive more online bookings.

Ve is a valuable marketing partner for Cruise Guru helping us with both strategic advice and martech know-hows. The creative and platform offering from Ve fit in perfectly with our branding and also our marketing strategy.

Engage with data-led messaging

With Digital Assistant, Cruise Guru was able to tackle abandonment on the basket and checkout pages by engaging visitors with customised messaging when they showed intent to leave Cruise Guru’s site.

This engagement at the moment of user abandonment successfully engaged prospective customers onsite and encouraged them to complete their booking. In the last 9 months, Digital Assistant reached nearly 100,000 site visitors and generated 20% of the total $1 million in recovered revenue.

Cruise Guru

Encourage abandoners to return

To complement Ve’s onsite strategy, an integrated email remarketing solution was implemented, engaging with abandoned bookers to complete their purchase. Through personalisation and optimised email scheduling, Ve sent over 7000 emails and achieved an open rate of 63%, a click to open rate of 31% and generated a total of 80% of the total $1 million in recovered revenue.

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