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To increase awareness and scale attendance for Electric Castle festival, Ve adopted a full-funnel strategy.


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A bit about Electric Castle...

Electric Castle is a unique festival experience, held in Romania every July. Attracting 200,000 attendees from across Europe, it aims to change the way people interact with festivals by combining an eclectic musical line-up with arts, technology and innovative visual concepts. Having started out in 2013 as a small festival, in 2015 they were looking to achieve substantial attendance growth and searched for a partner to support their efforts. Through recommendation, Electric Castle began working with Ve.

Ve recognised the festival’s primary objectives were to increase brand awareness and drive online ticket sales, so recommended a combined onsite and offsite approach that would target customers across their entire journey; from awareness through to purchase. The strategy centred around three annual campaigns, which focused initially on driving qualified website visits using programmatic advertising. Email remarketing and Digital Assistant were later added to increase engagement and purchase conversions.

The results were great from the very first campaign. We received a significant number of direct sales from the ads and the overall ROI is excellent. We are extremely happy with the team at Ve and plan to continue using their solutions in the future.


Reaching new audiences

Ve targeted Electric Castle audiences in 8 countries using programmatic media buying technology from Ve’s DSP as well as a range of other platforms. Both prospecting and retargeting strategies were developed using display, video and unique responsive video formats, to ensure maximum reach and optimal data activation.

Ve’s campaigns drove 61% of total site visits, reached a unique audience of 2.1 million and were fully-optimised for all devices, with 65% of all impressions seen on mobile.

Video advertising was also deployed to engage individuals at the very top of the funnel, using custom audience segments which ensured video view-through-rate was maintained at 73.4% for the duration of the campaign.

Electric Castle

Converting website visitors into festival-goers

To build on the success of digital advertising, onsite engagement and remarketing solutions were implemented to encourage new visitors to make a purchase. By using Digital Assistant to deploy relevant onsite messaging on custom triggers, Ve was able to achieve a 63.2% conversion rate onsite, extracting maximum value from media budgets.

Email remarketing helped to bring visitors back to the website by reminding them to complete their purchase , achieving an open rate of 57.31% and an open to conversion rate of 15.18%

2018: Electric Castle’s largest event ever

Ve have helped to achieve an uplift in qualified traffic while simultaneously reducing the year-on-year CPM cost by 67%. This improved efficiency led to increased campaign delivery and helped to make 2018 the biggest Electric Castle festival yet.

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