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Working with Ve, Forest Holidays were able to reach bookers with high levels of intent and encourage repeat bookings.


Overall ROI from January to April 2016


Display conversions directly via 2nd party data

A bit about Forest Holidays...

Forest Holidays is a trip and short break provider, providing guests with a variety of luxurious log cabins, within some of the UK’s most scenic forest locations. Ve’s experience helping a broad range of travel and leisure clients, as well as in-depth knowledge of the industry, provided a solid groundwork for building an effective strategy.

The three main aims that Forest wanted to achieve were to drive more relevant new users, generate higher post-click bookings and boost display-buying efficiency. The travel sector is generally more complicated than most other sectors due to the complex path to purchase, the huge amount of competition, and the traditionally drawn out research process – making a smooth booking journey and thus conversion complicated. Ve’s data-led solutions alongside perceptive account management were fully-equipped to handle these challenges.

Prospecting and retargeting

Prospecting ad campaigns were created to deliver targeted ads to prospective customers most likely to book. A granular approach to segmentation, for example, targeting prospects such as pet lovers, sports fans or young families, enabled ads to be highly personalised and relevant.

Ve’s digital advertising solution also delivered programmatic retargeting ads featuring both static HTML5 and dynamic content, referencing previous bookings left in the basket pre-abandonment, and targeting with specific messaging dictated by the level of intent. Ve segmented the campaign by time of year and designed creative relative to this behaviour. For example, serving a display ad to a user who had previously booked in wintertime with festive Christmas design and content.

Forest Holidays

Optimising campaigns

To support the display campaigns and tackle abandonment rates, Ve deployed Digital Assistant to deliver relevant messaging and offers to site visitors at the basket and checkout pages. This encouraged conversions and eliminated the need for the client to hire multiple tech partners.

Continuous split testing – analysing the success of an ad containing an offer to one without, for example – allowed Ve to see what was working and what wasn’t, so that the strategy could then be streamlined and budget maximised.

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