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Find out how Ve helped GWR drive high quality traffic to their website to increase online bookings.


More new customers driven VS other partner


Increase in new customers during the first month


Lower CPA than client’s goal

About the client

Great Western Railway, formerly known as First Great Western, is a well-known and popular British train company. GWR has been running trains since 1838 and is now responsible for nearly all of the major routes in the west and south west of the UK, managing over 200 stations.

Combining Ve’s digital advertising solution, with industry expertise, Ve effectively drove high quality traffic to GWR’s site and boosted bookings

Many users were leaving GWR’s website before completing their booking. The challenge for Ve was therefore to encourage these users to return to the site and complete the transaction. GWR was also looking to increase conversions from site visitors who had no purchase history with GWR. Whilst achieving these KPIs, Ve had to achieve a strict CPA target of no more than £4.25.

Increasing conversions

By implementing Ve’s digital advertising solution, dynamic and personalised retargeting ads were served according to a range of insightful data points. Ve also segmented the site’s pages by each major stage of the buyer journey so the most relevant and timely ads were delivered. As a result, Ve’s programmatic retargeting ads drove almost 29,000 conversions in October, with an ROI of over 11,000%. A major aim for GWR was to also increase conversions specifically from site visitors who had never purchased from GWR before.

Understanding this aim, Ve drove a 24% increase in new customers within the first month. This was compared to another retargeting partner, who achieved an increase in new customers of only 14%. Consequently, Ve is now proud to be GWR’s sole retargeting partner.


Optimising retargeting ads

To deliver optimum results, Ve undertook regular A/B tests on the creatives to identify which elements gained the highest engagement. Based on this most visually engaging creatives to drive new customers to purchase.

The timing of the ads was also continually analysed and updated throughout the campaign to identify which days and hours gained the lowest CPA. GWR set a CPA target of no more than £4.25.

By January 2016, Ve had achieved a CPA of £1.13. Moreover, by continuing to test and refine the campaign, by October 2016 the CPA stood at £0.41.

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