Liverpool FC is one of the most well-known football teams in the world, but it was encountering three main challenges - keeping users onsite, increasing online merchandise sales and re-engaging users post-abandonment.

With a full-funnel approach to strategy, Ve enabled Liverpool FC to increase online merchandise sales by 27%, attain an email click through rate of 49.6% and reach an email click to conversion rate of 55.8%.

Download now to learn how we achieved these results through:

  • Harnessing Ve's onsite engagement, email remarketing and display retargeting solutions
  • Engaging visitors with customised and dynamic messaging
  • Implementing and continually optimising a zero-risk CPA strategy

About the author

Kate Rogerson

A Marketing Editorial Executive at Ve Interactive, Kate delves into the digital and tech worlds to write informative copy, from blogs to eBooks. Always on the look-out for trending topics in the industry, her writing tracks and analyses the latest news, with a focus on technology, eCommerce and mCommerce. A keen sportswoman, Kate is known for her love of tennis and impressive keepy-uppy skills.

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