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Ve helped Nissan instil confidence by running a digital display campaign focused on building trust across the customer journey.


Improvement in cost per engaged user YoY


Improvement in total cost per lead YoY


Increase in enquiries via Click to call YoY

About Nissan

Nissan is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer, founded over 80 years ago. The company created CARED4, its signature used car programme, to give customers confidence when making a purchase. Buying a used car can sometimes raise concerns with customers, but Nissan’s CARED4 promise is to provide excellent customer service and allay any concerns people might have.

The challenge Nissan faced was twofold. Firstly, to create a campaign that enabled Nissan to effectively communicate the CARED4 brand to auto-intenders at each stage of the customer journey. Secondly, to provide superior reporting to determine the true value of the campaign and programmatic display.

With extensive experience in the automotive industry and a thorough understanding of the sector’s complex path to conversion, Ve was bestplaced to tackle these challenges.

Ve were instrumental in improving user engagement on our CARED4 website. We are very pleased with the performance of our display campaigns, and have seen a significant improvement across all KPIs’. Proving quality of traffic has resulted in us being able to truly understand the value of display as a channel for the used car market, and resulted in increasing investments with Ve throughout the year.


Insight driven prospecting

Ve aggregated a number of exclusive data sources, including its own in-market automotive segments, to target users that were ready to purchase their next car. Contextual targeting ensured ad placements were alongside relevant content, from users researching cars to form a shortlist, to those reading content about specific Nissan models.


Continual optimisation

Beyond reporting on the leads generated, Ve introduced methods to quantify the quality of traffic driven. By analysing the correlation between ad placements and user engagement, Ve continuously optimised the campaign to allocate budget more efficiently and ultimately drive a more valuable audience.

Intelligent retargeting

Ve segmented the customer journey, running specific creative messaging and bidding strategies depending on which stage of their journey the user was at. Ve’s proprietary technology was used to display the specific cars a user had shown intent towards within the creative. This was a first for Nissan, as it did not require an API and resulted in a 51% uplift in engagement (Click-through Rate and Cost per Engaged User)

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