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By implementing digital advertising Shearings were able to bring back abandoned bookers and encourage more to convert.


CPA in the first month


CPA in April 2016


Average number of conversions from each campaign

A bit about Shearings...

Shearings Holidays is the UK’s number one coach holiday tour operator, offering travellers coach, air, rail, cruise and hotel breaks across Europe and beyond. With extensive expertise in the travel industry, Ve employed a data-driven programmatic advertising strategy, incorporating the segmentation of specific audiences, brand safety protection and continuous campaign testing and optimisation.

The main aim Shearings wanted to achieve was to reach a lower cost-per-acquisition whilst driving incremental bookings. But in an industry that faces tough competition, a prolonged booker research phase, as well as a particularly high abandonment rate of 81%, this can be a complex challenge. Ve’s digital advertising solution, matched with industry knowledge from the account management team, built out a strategy to effectively achieve this goal.

We were initially working with another retargeting provider, but due to Ve’s performance within the first month we moved our retargeting budget to Ve completely. Achieving a CPA as low as £6.03 within the first couple of months when the initial target was to get below £10 was very impressive.”

Display retargeting

Abandoned bookers were served static and dynamic retargeting ads to encourage them to return to the Shearings website and complete their booking. The ad creative and messaging were based on each user’s individual customer intent data, booking summary or stage in the booker journey, boosting conversion.

A frequency cap was also implemented to ensure brand protection. Retirees are Shearings’ prominent target audience, so using a combination of proprietary and second party data, Ve accurately retargeted this particular segment by layering a mix of behavioural data to give a complete 360 view of the target Shearings customer.

Shearings Holidays

Intelligent campaign optimisation

Through animated HTML5, native creative and data-led imagery that was seasonality-specific, Ve adapted creative for every user segment to increase engagement. The account management team also implemented a reactive strategy to take advantage of seasonal opportunities, creating personalised sales messaging, for example, to coincide with the Bank Holiday Sale.

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