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By deploying Digital Assistant, Ve helped Thrills to engage more visitors onsite and increase the number of new player registrations.


Uplift in visitor time on site


Uplift in new player deposits generated from campaigns following optimisation


Conversion rate increase following landing page optimisation

What is Thrills?

Thrills is an online casino with the goal of bringing colour and life to the world of casino entertainment. Founded by a group of casino enthusiasts, Thrills operates across Europe and is part of the Gaming Innovation Group (GiG), who offer best-in-breed online gaming across the online sports betting and casino industry. With their strong focus on offering the best online gambling experience, Thrills chose to partner with Ve to create a more engaging onsite experience for potential players.

Thrills wanted to increase new player acquisition but noticed that a large percentage of new players were being lost during the registration process. They needed to find a way to target these players and encourage them to continue the sign-up phase to make a deposit. To do so, Thrills needed to give customers more value and a better experience during registration, which included making it easier for visitors to find the necessary information to sign-up and play.

Lots of people can sell the same thing, however the combination of technology and support we get from Ve is outstanding. We are working with a partner, rather than just having bought a tool or a system, and that really makes all the difference.


Engaging new visitors with targeted messaging

By implementing Digital Assistant, Ve was able to help Thrills display relevant and targeted messaging to first-time website visitors. Deploying on signs of a visitor abandoning the sign-up process, Digital Assistant gave Thrills a second chance to sell their value proposition and provide new players with key information regarding registration and deposits. With gambling websites typically containing a lot of information, Digital Assistant allowed Thrills to share the right and most impactful messages with potential customers, including promotional messaging aimed to encourage new players to complete the registration process


Increasing time spent on site and new player deposits

As a result of using Digital Assistant, Thrills have seen a three time increase in visitor time on site, relating to active sessions. This increased engagement has also had a direct impact on conversions, with significant success measured across the board, relating to both an increase in new player deposits and existing player activity.

On seeing such successful results in Sweden, Thrills have since expanded the reach of Digital Assistant to the rest of the European market, working collaboratively with Ve to develop high performing campaigns and creatives. Moving forwards, Thrills intend to increase the scope of the project to retarget existing customers in a more engaging way.

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