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Engaging visitors on a pre-click and post-submit basis helped Triumph attract quality traffic and increase test-drive applications.


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Email click to conversion rate

A bit about Triumph...

The Triumph brand is steeped in a tradition of high performance, precision engineering and commitment to quality. This has long been recognised and enjoyed by motorcycle enthusiasts around the world, who have helped Triumph grow massively from its inception in 1984. With an extensive knowledge of the automotive audience base and unparalleled data processing, Ve deployed a tailored three-tiered strategy of digital advertising, onsite engagement and email remarketing.

The two main challenges for Triumph’s website were to attract more high quality traffic, and to convert this into test-ride applications. This was particularly difficult given the typically complex customer journey that switches between online and offline channels, before consumers decide to purchase their chosen vehicle. Ve’s intelligent solutions and expert account management were able to navigate this intricate multichannel user journey between digital and dealership.

With Ve’s programmatic advertising expertise, we were not only able to attract more high quality traffic, but crucially, convert it into valuable test-ride requests through their multiple conversion solutions. Their platform was simple to implement, cost-effective, and delivers tangible results."


Attracting high quality traffic

Using Ve’s digital advertising solution, multiple campaigns were created, showing adverts to users most likely to be interested in booking test-drives. This was decided through a mixture of multivariant data algorithms and the sector-specific expertise of Ve’s trading team. Ve’s in-house designers created compelling, responsive ad creatives, designed with dynamic content, to actively encourage engagement.


Recovering lost applications

To combat site abandonment, Ve enabled its onsite engagement solution, which displays content tailored by customer behaviour, to encourage users towards the sign-up process.

As an estimated 78% of people who begin the sign-up process will abandon before completing it, Ve also initiated its email remarketing solution sending users the opportunity to resume their application.

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