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Implementing a full-funnel strategy enabled the Uni of Herts to drive high quality traffic to its site and increase Open Day registrations


Increase in Open Day registrations

A bit about Uni of Herts...

The Uni of Herts is one of the UK’s leading business-facing universities. The original institution was founded in 1948, and since gaining university status in 1992, now employs over 2,700 people on campus. It boasts a student community of over 25,000, within this attracting international students from around 100 different countries. The student village accommodation is carbon neutral.

Open Day registrations are a crucial step in undergraduate student acquisition because a student who visits a uni is highly more likely to select it as one of their preferred choices. However, with a huge range of universities to pick from, the competition to gain this traffic and registrations is as fierce as ever.

The education sector has a particularly high abandonment rate, so the Uni of Herts was challenged to keep traffic onsite and encourage prospective students to sign up.

With Ve’s digital advertising expertise, we were able to attract high quality traffic to our site. Then, with Digital Assistant and email remarketing, we were able to convert that traffic. We would recommend Ve to any education institution looking to increase acquisition.


Boost brand awareness to drive traffic

With such strong competition amongst universities, Ve began by implementing its digital advertising solution. Employing data-led algorithms with expert trader knowledge, Ve delivered programmatic prospecting and retargeting ads to high intent users, boosting awareness of the Un of Herts brand. It was important that the ads left a memorable impression so when the student came to choose their university choices, the Uni of Herts was front of mind. This was achieved by Ve’s design team creating bespoke ads that were unobtrusive but engaging.

Uni of Herts

Engage visitors to drive Open Day registrations

Once this high quality traffic had been gained, the Digital Assistant was launched. This was revealed at the exact moment of Open Day registration abandonment, encouraging the user to stay onsite and complete the registration with engaging messaging and on-brand design. For those that did leave the site, Ve’s email remarketing tool was used. Delivering triggered, personalised emails, Ve was able to bring these prospective students back to the site to complete the registration process.

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