Virgin Media

To increase sign-ups for Dublin’s Virgin Media Night Run, Ve implemented onsite, advertising and remarketing solutions


Sign-ups driven

1 in 3

Onsite overlays displayed led to a conversion


Increase in sign-ups from last year

What is Virgin Media Night Run?

Titan Experience, on behalf of the telecommunications giant Virgin Media, had previously worked with Ve to increase awareness of The Great Dublin Bike Ride, driving 676 sign-ups.

After such great results on this campaign, Titan Experience once again looked to Ve to help boost awareness of the Virgin Media Night Run, the hugely popular Athletics Ireland event that takes over the city of Dublin for a weekend.

The agency’s main aim was to increase sign-ups for the run whilst also reducing a high abandonment rate. To meet these challenges head on, Ve built an insightdriven strategy that featured its onsite engagement, display advertising and email remarketing solutions, fuelled by continuous campaign optimisation.

Using Ve’s onsite solutions and retargeting ads, we were able to connect with users at every stage of the journey. Ve surpassed all of our expectations and we look forward to using Ve again in the future.''

Engaging messaging onsite to generate excitement

Ve’s onsite engagement solution enabled Virgin Media to reach users at the moment of abandonment using brand-native creative and personalised messaging. This strategy successfully kept more prospective customers onsite with 1 in 3 interactions leading to a sign-up for the event.

Virgin Media

Intelligent retargeting to drive sign-ups

With email remarketing and Ve’s digital advertising solution, Virgin Media was able to retarget abandoned users with compelling programmatic display ads and emails. The ad and email creative and messaging were based on each user’s individual customer intent data and stage in the user journey, ensuring each engagement was relevant and timely. Users were encouraged to seamlessly re-engage with their customer journey and return to their basket.

Ve’s solutions, coupled with unparalleled sector expertise and optimisation, led to an exciting and seamless user experience for each individual; from the very first touch point to the last. This approach ultimately resulted in 1,700+ event sign-ups, a 22% increase on last year.

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