How to Get Into Your Customer’s Head and Heart With Psychology

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Great ‘customer service’ and ‘user experience’ are phrases thrown around with abandon when it comes to the user journey, but do you actually know how to achieve them?

In this eBook, we will explore how you can harness psychological triggers in your marketing such as the 'Paralysis Effect' to:

  • Get the most from your site
  • Win your users’ hearts with customer service
  • Drive more conversions

About the author

Ellie Hubble
Ellie Hubble

Ellie is a Content Manager in Ve's Digital team, and actively leads creative content campaigns from idea generation to live project. She has written for a broad variety of sites, such as, Travioor and the Daily Touch and is happiest when bringing an original angle to an old conversation. Ellie proudly hails from Devon, but controversially prefers the Cornish way of making a cream tea.

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