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Targeting users on a pre-submit and pre-click basis, Ve utilised email remarketing to drive Vodafone’s online conversion rates.


Click through rate increase with product feed emails


Open rate increase following subject line testing


Conversion rate increase following landing page optimisation

A bit about Vodafone...

Vodafone is a British multinational telecommunications company, with a brand that is known and recognised across the globe. After outperforming a third-party partner with pre-submit email campaigns, Ve went on to set up post-submit campaigns. These campaigns were initially aimed at Pay as You Go and Pay Monthly customers, but following excellent results, the audience pool was expanded to also include In-Life Sales, Upgrades, Sim Only, and Business customers.

The telecommunications industry has a notoriously high abandonment rate of 85%, due in part to fierce competition between the leading industry players. Vodafone’s challenge was therefore to reduce this abandonment rate, improve customer engagement across email channels and ultimately, increase online conversions. To combat these issues, Ve implemented sophisticated and personalised email remarketing strategies, combined with specialist expertise and in-house design.

At the start of 2016 we posed Ve a challenge: ‘how can we increase both our post-abandonment engagement rate and conversion rate, without sacrificing one for the other?’ Ve responded to our challenge with a best in class solution that not only exceeds the expectations and forecasts we’d agreed, but created an entirely new set of benchmarks for all future campaigns. Ve’s continued focus on customer centric product innovation makes them a core strategic partner for Vodafone.


Boosting email open rates

Utilising Ve’s email remarketing solution, campaigns included product feed emails that encouraged Vodafone users to resume their abandoned basket and complete the purchase. These emails also featured personalised subject lines that increased open rates by 5.06%.


To ensure emails were delivered at the best possible times for engagement, Ve consistently tested campaign results and refined strategies based on these insights, as well as extensive contextual data.

Increasing customer engagement

To optimise campaigns, Ve undertook split-testing on subject lines, creative and landing pages. Creatives underwent several rounds of split-testing, with results including a 32.8% increase in click-through rates following the introduction of in-house designed header images. This continuous refinement of multiple elements of strategy allowed Ve to engage customers at every possible touchpoint and boost Vodafone’s conversion rate.

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