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Make it easier for customers to find, compare and buy your products with the Shopomo product search and discovery platform.

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Product search with a difference

Product search with a difference

Shopomo utilises data to improve the online shopping experience, providing a level playing field for brands and consumers alike.

Designed to be monopoly free and an alternative to the traditional ecommerce advertising model, the Shopomo product search database contains no adverts. This ensures visitors have one single place to easily search and compare products, without seeing diluted results.

Acquire new customers

Drive highly qualified consumer traffic to your website directly from the Shopomo discovery platform.

By understanding what products customers are looking for, Shopomo offers unique product recommendations and results to improve the experience for every visitor. Once a customer has been guided through their decision to purchase, we’ll send them to your website to complete their transaction, helping to enhance your conversion rates onsite.

Acquire new customers

How it works

Getting started with Shopomo is quick and simple; all you need to do is create an account, install our tag to your website and create your product feed. Our fixed fee pricing is designed with your budget in mind – there are no hidden costs, even if you exceed your acquisition targets.








Product discovery

Help shoppers to find the products they want with personalised recommended products powered by machine learning

Understand top trends and products

Provide an unparalleled view of which products are trending and being purchased around the globe

Online experience

Makes online shopping a fun and enjoyable experience with quick and efficient browsing

Reach a wider audience

Drive high intent traffic from new audiences that have already made the decision to purchase

Monopoly free

Provides a level playing field regardless of retailer size with no influence from unobjective advertising

Alternative commercial model

Our fixed fee pricing ensures complete transparency with no additional costs, unlike the traditional CPC model

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