Volvelle DSP
Ve's powerful media buying platform

In advertising, one size doesn’t fit all. Engaging with customers requires a highly personalised approach, all while ensuring your ad spend works hard to meet KPIs. Volvelle DSP makes this a reality.

A truly advertiser-first DSP

Volvelle is Ve’s powerful media buying platform - built with an ‘advertiser-first’ mindset. When designing Volvelle, we analysed every other Demand Side Platform (DSP) on the market and built our bidding and optimisation platform to blend the best of the best.

Volvelle’s bidding algorithms are designed with your KPIs and outcomes in mind. This allows our in-house team of media traders to serve highly relevant and personalised adverts to your audiences, ensuring your ad spend works harder to deliver the results you need - without generating fees.

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Innovative bidding for true ad effectiveness

Campaign powered by Volvelle are pure programmatic, designed to make the entire advertising bidding and optimisation process more transparent, efficient and effective.

Volvelle’s bidding algorithms are completely media neutral, automatically selecting the best vendor and the best impressions, letting our programmatic experts focus on developing high-performing advertising campaigns for your customers that deliver true ad effectiveness and greater performance.

Intelligent advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns in Volvelle use advanced targeting to identify relevant audiences who show true intent to purchase, creating personalised experiences across multiple channels.

Whether you place ads for branding or performance campaigns, the result is highly targeted and intelligent programmatic advertising campaigns that enhance the customer journey and user experience, while adding value with every display ad impression or video view.

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Next generation personalisation

Volvelle has access to display, video and native inventory, which can be combined with Ve’s suite of solutions to deliver a cohesive branded experience.

Return on ad spend

Our in-house media neutral platform with advertiser-first algorithms means you pay for media, not middlemen - allowing you to get more value from your ad spend, increasing your ROAS.

Precision targeted ads

Target ads to audience segments who show true intent to purchase, to increase the flow of high-quality leads at the top of the funnel.

Fraud prevention

We deploy fraud prevention techniques, including ad verification and blacklists, to minimise the delivery of ads to invalid traffic.

Brand safety

Our brand safety policy, which includes accreditation from industry bodies, ensures we don't run ads alongside harmful material.


Ve is committed to ensuring all our activities are fully GDPR compliant, putting the customer’s privacy first.

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